Couderc: Nu au drap blanc

1905- 1994

Type: Oil on canvas

Painting Size: 27 x 22cm

Frame Size: 42 x 37cm

Price: 520Euro

Availability: Available

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Gabriel Couderc

Couderc was born in Sète in the Languedoc, France and studied at the École des Beaux Arts Decoratifs in Paris.

Mediterranean scenes featured in much of his work which in his use of colour shows the influence of the Fauves; he developed a geometric, structured style incorporating solid blocks of colour as in the print in this collection.

Gabriel Couderc studied at the École des Beaux-Arts in Montpellier and at the École des Arts Decoratifs in Paris. He was a co-founder of the École de Sète and was the curator of the Musée Paul Valery. Much of his work is of Mediterranean scenes near his home in Sète and shows a Fauvist influence on his use of colour. He increasingly evolved a geometric, structured style which is shown in this print with its solid blocks of colour and hard edges to the boats and buildings.

Couderc has several paintings exhibited at the Tate Gallery in London