Yvon Grac

B 1945

Type: Acrylic on Canvas

Painting Size: 45 x 36 cm

Frame Size: 59 x 50 cm

Price: 1400Euro

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Yvon Grac

Yvon Grac is a French Postwar & Contemporary painter who was born in 1945 in Nice. He was predominantly influenced by new trends of the 1960s.  Grac studied a the l’Ecole Municipale de Dessin, Nice.  He went on to live and work in her birthplace, Nice which was the inspiration for most of his paintings.

Grac is said to celebrate the joy of living, serenity and hope through all his works and is nicknamed the ‘painter joie de vivre and happiness’.  His works are marked by a touch of impressionism with swirling strokes, vibrant blues, light and bright pigments.

Born in 1945, he joined the Nice Municipal Drawing School at the age of 10 and was soon noticed by his teachers, including Edouard Fer, who enrolled him at a young age in the upper, experienced levels. It was at this time that he discovered Picasso who also influenced his work greatly. He has had several of his own exhibitions all over the globe and was the Co-founder of “Atelier de Nice”.

Grac is said to translate the speed at which the years go by, the blurring of memories and his love for the Nice hinterland into each of his works.